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Who We Help / Markets

Commercial / Industrial Clients

Peak has covered a wide array of commercial projects from building renovations to new building and site development plans. We have designed retail spaces, event venues, seminar halls and catering establishments. We work with the client to determine the specific needs and most effective way to utilize their site and building space. In addition to traditional residential building plans, our commercial plans take into account ADA standards and fire code compliance based upon use. We can also help to obtain building permits and provide construction inspections and support.

Residential Clients

Peak works with homeowners seeking minor renovations, significant structural remodels, building additions, and on-site septic repairs and with potential home buyers providing structural evaluations. We also provide civil and structural plans related to new home construction. Whether you are an experienced contractor or first time home builder we will work with you to develop building and site development plans.

Municipal Clients

At Peak, we are very community centered and have helped out many local municipalities. Our work includes designing renovations and new construction for Town Halls, Town Garages, Courthouses, Rail Trails, Fire Houses, and Park Pavilions. We have also represented Towns as their Town Engineer, and have helped Towns to rewrite their codes.