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Retaining Wall Design

As building lots become increasingly limited in number and dense in nature, the demand to create more usable space increases. More often than ever, this is accomplished through the use of retaining walls. Retaining walls can function strictly as an earth retention tool, as an architectural addition for aesthetics, or both for your project. Outdoor areas of any shape or size can be transformed with retaining walls into a functional and attractive addition to your project. Different shapes, textures, and wall styles can be selected to best suit your application. Whatever the case, Peak Engineering has the experience and can provide retaining wall design and engineering for you.

We have completed numerous projects including the design and construction of cast-in-place concrete, timber, segmental precast concrete, and steel sheeting retaining walls. Whether for temporary shoring or permanent applications, tall or short, we can help! Our engineers can design basic gravity walls for smaller projects or walls reinforced with geogrid for larger projects. We can aid in site layout, selection of wall type, and provide cost estimates for all. Our client based consists of homeowners, private contractors, precasters, public entities and others.

Typical Retaining Wall Projects:

- Bridge abutments and wing walls.
- Private residences
- Erosion control
- Civil/Site projects