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Heavy Hauling & Rigging

Peak Engineering provides full service support for all applications of heavy hauling and rigging from the beginning stages of planning to being on site helping to complete the job. We routinely work with State DOT’s, townships, and municipalities to ensure compliance while meeting deadlines and providing results on short notice. We regularly move and rig equipment and components throughout New York, New Jersey, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.

Peak has extensive experience in developing route surveying to provide the safest and most economical route for your heavy haul. We will work with you to identify and select the best transport vehicle that meets geometric requirements along the proposed route. Peak will develop and submit a comprehensive report complete with drawings as required, depicting the transport vehicle traversing intersections and other areas of complex geometry.

All heavy hauls require structural engineering when crossing bridges, culverts and other structures along the route. Peak Engineering is the leader in performing overweight vehicular load ratings of all bridge types and sizes. We will identify all bridges and culverts on the route to be crossed and perform all load ratings per the respective DOT/municipality. Peak Engineering has developed extensive relationships with DOT’s and a reputation that helps to expedite your heavy haul needs!

Often complementing heavy hauling, Peak also has extensive experience in designing rigging systems for heavy lifts. Again, we will work with you and your equipment needs to find the safest and most economical options and provide a comprehensive report complete with drawings, calculations, and backup data. Typical jobs require a crane lift plan and rigging schematic illustrating crane type, locations and the rigging assembly. Peak has developed numerous lift plans using hydraulic cranes, crawler cranes, tower cranes, truck mounted cranes as well as other smaller lift equipment.