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Forensic Engineering / Expert Witness

Peak Engineering offers forensic analysis for bridge construction and related projects. We will explore the case and the issues involved from a neutral position while systematically making observations, developing hypotheses, and using engineering theory to reach a conclusion. Documentation of all available data and information will be performed along with any information obtained directly from our investigation. Peak Engineering will determine the cause of failure and if applicable provide corrective remedies.

As part of this service, we will provide litigation support in the form of evidence, technical input, developing questions for cross examinations and provide testimony. Our experienced engineers have the ability to present complicated technical information in an easy to understand form for all involved. Engineering analysis will be conducted in-house with equipment, software, and other calculation programs to efficiently and effectively provide accurate results. Often, outside sources that specialize in particular areas of investigation or materials testing are necessary. Peak Engineering has contacts and working relationships with many of these to expedite the case.

Peak Engineering will provide analysis results throughout the process in written form, with letters, and engineering reports as necessary to our client. Visual graphics, multi-media, and photos will also be used which is often times one of the most effective forms of conveying information. Final reports will be written that clearly state the technical matters, the rationale behind the analysis, and finally the conclusion.