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Construction Inspection

Peak Engineering provides construction inspection and quality control services for a wide range of projects including heavy highway construction, residential, and commercial applications. Inspection is a necessary part of any project to ensure quality construction. We provide engineers and technical personnel that have the expertise and knowledge of procedures and materials to oversee your project. All of our inspectors are engineers or well qualified technical personnel trained in the field.

Peak Engineering continuously works with contractors to verify means and methods, review plans together, make clear any testing or special procedures that may be required. We strive to offer a good working and open relationship with the contractor to promote communication and always employ discretion when issues arise.

Documentation of your project will be through written, electronic, and/or photographic means as necessary. Reports will be provided at predetermined intervals or at clients request to keep you as up to date as possible.

Construction inspection is provided for highways, bridges, civil/site, environmental, building projects and more!

Typical services include:

- Inspection of construction to ensure procedures and materials comply with plans and specifications
- Interpretation of drawings and specifications
- Participation in project meetings
- Field testing of materials and sampling
- Documentation of materials incorporated into the work
- Final project inspection