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Building / Structural Design

Peak Engineering has a vast knowledge of residential and commercial construction. We work with homeowners and business owners to meet their needs. Through our past projects and experience, we have developed and maintain a great working relationship with city, town, and local officials, homeowners and contractors. Our building experience includes wood, concrete, and steel construction of many types. We offer design services for residential construction including homes, additions, garages, barns and others and for commercial applications including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other types. We provide building plans that include everything necessary for submittal to the respective building department and provide assistance with obtaining building permits. We can further assist you by completing any permit applications, official checklists, and Building Energy Code Compliance checks including RESChecks and COMChecks. Our staff is experienced in local building codes and regulations.

As part of our building design services, we also regularly attend project meetings with local officials and government to expedite the approval process. We also provide construction support including shop drawings reviews and one-on-one contractor assistance to help see your project through to the end.

Typical Services Provided:

- Site Plans
- Foundation Plans
- Framing Plans
- Floor Plans
- Roof Plans
- Sections/Details
- Renderings of Building Elevations
- Basic Electrical Plans
- Basic Plumbing Plans