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Superload Move Replacement of Failed Transformer, State of New Jersey

Peak Engineering worked with Consolidated Edison of New York and J. Supor & Son Trucking and Rigging to replace a failed transformer at a NJ Substation. The transport involved moving two transformers from a NJ rail siding to a Con Ed Substation in NY. Peak provided a structural analysis for the bridges and culverts along the route and prepared a maintenance and protection of traffic plan for a rolling lane closure, road closures, and a detour. The transport required coordination with multiple agencies, utilities, Departments of Transportation, law enforcement officials and subcontractors. Multiple routes were investigated and rejected before the final route was agreed upon. In addition to the weight, height and width restrictions along the route, there were other obstacles to overcome including different agency requirements, approval of local officials, and scheduling to minimize impact on the traveling public and local residents.

A multitude of special permits were required, including one for the temporary removal of an overhead sign structure. Some of the bridges and culverts required the use of a temporary steel bridge spanner and others required the placement of steel plates on the roadway above.