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Rapid Bridge Construction

Rapid Bridge Construction, or Accelerated Bridge Construction, is a method that allows for bridges to be replaced with increased safety and minimal disruption to traffic.  With this method, the replacement bridge is constructed off-site at a nearby staging area.  When this construction is complete, the existing bridge is demolished or removed (also using rapid bridge construction techniques), and any work necessary for installation of the new bridge is performed.  The new bridge is then lifted and driven into place using self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) that allow 360 degree rotation and utilize hydraulic capabilities to raise and lower the bridge.  The primary benefit of rapid bridge construction technology is the significant  reduction in downtime that the roadway/railroad is closed, typically no more than two days as compared to months with conventional bridge replacement methods.


Peak Engineering has been involved in numerous Rapid Bridge Construction projects throughout the northeast.  We have developed and designed many temporary mobile shoring systems that support and stabilize the bridge on the SPMTs.  We also develop complete plans, including drawings and specifications, that detail the entire movement process for driving the bridge into place and removing the existing bridge.

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