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Emergency Bridge Inspections, State of New Jersey

In August of 2012, Peak Engineering performed inspections of the three bridges located along an access road. All three structures were originally constructed in or about 1954 and share the same type of multi-span timber construction. Since original construction, the bridges have been repaired and/or modified. The primary objective of the inspection was to assess the overall condition of the bridges to determine their adequacy for the American Association of State and Highway Officials (AASHTO) H20 vehicular loading and to document any significant deterioration. Peak provided recommended load postings and repair details for the bridges.

After Hurricane Sandy, we were requested to perform emergency bridge inspections of the three timber bridges on the access road to determine if the conditions of the bridges had changed as a result of the storm. The inspections were requested immediately after the storm and were required ASAP to allow supplies and deliveries to the site. Within one day, Peak responded and performed the inspections and found that other than the sidewalks, no significant damage was observed for any of the bridges as a result of the storm and all three remained similar to pre-storm conditions. Our prompt response enabled the facility to move forward with recovery efforts.