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Subdivision Plans

When dividing a piece of land into two or more lots, considered a subdivision, this type of action is regulated by the Town through separated and specific Subdivision Ordinances. Generally, requirements will include planning, design and layout of the lot boundaries, streets, sidewalks, storm drains, water and sewer.

Peak reviews the applicable codes and ordinances to develop plans through all phases of the review process from application, environmental review, Sketch Plan, Preliminary Plan to Record Map final approval.

We work to provide a design that meets our client’s needs, being a traditional single family residential subdivision, cluster development plan, or a planned multi-family development. We take in to consideration the site and surroundings to develop a well-balanced, aesthetically pleasing, efficient, environmentally sound, and economical plan, to maximize neighborhood compatibility, preserve community character, and protect natural, environmental and historical resources.

Peak works to ensure that future residential development is compatible with the existing community’s character and consistent with the Towns Master Plan and Residential Subdivision Guidelines.

In conjunction with the municipality, other regulatory agencies may be involved in the plan review and approval process, such as County, State or Federal Government departments and Peak will make applications to all involved agencies, and prepare the details required to obtain approvals including:

  • Water and Wastewater (Sewage Disposal) Permit
  • Highway Work or Access Permit
  • Stream Disturbance and/or Crossing Permit
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan - Basic SWPPP/Full SWPPP