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Stormwater Management Plans

Construction projects that will involve soil disturbance of one or more acres or that are located in certain watersheds in New York State must obtain coverage under the State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activity. Peak will work with you to determine the type of Stormwater Management Plans that will be needed for your project.

  1. General/Minor site disturbance (less than one acre of land)
  2. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans –Soil Erosion Controls Only –
  3. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans – Post Construction Stormwater Management Practices-

Peak will assess the site to determine the limit of disturbance, prepare a plan that identifies the type and location of all erosion and sediment control practices, prepare typical details, general construction notes, construction sequence schedule, and inspection and maintenance schedules.

The Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan will conform to the most current New York State Standards and Specifications for Erosion and Sediment Control to minimize impacts from soil disturbance construction activities.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan that includes post-construction stormwater practices in accordance with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation SPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activity Permit No. GP-0-15-002 (current). This will include:

a) Erosion and sediment control plan and practices designed in conformance with the most current version of the technical standard, New York State Standards and Specifications for Erosion and Sediment Control, including construction phasing, limit of disturbance and areas to be protected.

b) Identification of all post-construction stormwater management practices to be constructed as part of the project with site map/construction drawing(s) showing the specific location, size, dimensions, material specifications and installation details for each practice.

c) A hydrologic and hydraulic analysis for all structural components of the stormwater management control system.

d) A detailed summary (including calculations) of the sizing criteria that was used to design all post-construction stormwater management practices.

e) An operations and maintenance plan that includes inspection and maintenance schedules and actions to ensure continuous and effective operation of each post-construction stormwater management practice.