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Site Development Plans

Every site development project, small or large, poses unique challenges. Regulatory agencies require plans and documentation that illustrate the site can be developed in accordance with local zoning regulations, codes, ordinances and standards.

Site plans are prepared to address concerns such as means of access, parking, landscaping, lighting, buffers, architectural features, location of structures, site grading, impact on adjacent land uses and other elements related to the health, safety and general welfare of the community.

We have worked with clients from the application, environmental review and design processes to obtain site plan approval from municipalities for projects including:

  • Home Occupation
  • Sign Permit
  • Change of Use
  • Special Use Permit
  • Use and/or Area Variance
  • Accessory Structures/Uses
  • Driveway Access
  • Single, Two, and Multi-family Residential
  • Commercial Event Facilities
  • Commercial/Retail, New Construction and/or Expansion

In conjunction with the municipality, other regulatory agencies may be involved in the plan review and approval process, such as County, State or Federal Government departments and Peak will make applications to all involved agencies, and prepare the details required to obtain approvals including:

  • Water and Wastewater (Sewage Disposal) Permit
  • Highway Work or Access Permit
  • Stream Disturbance and/or Crossing Permit
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan - Basic SWPPP/Full SWPPP