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Sewage Disposal System Design

Peak Engineering will design a wastewater treatment (septic) system that meets the needs of your project and site. The design will be based on the current NYS Department of Health requirements and will also meet any additional County Health Department and/or New York City Department of Environmental Protection Agency (NYC DEP) requirements. We will prepare design plans and submit to the permitting agency for approval. After the plans are approved, we will provide the necessary inspections and certification during and after construction of the system.

Peak will work with clients, with properties within the New York City Watershed areas west of the Hudson River, to obtain reimbursement for eligible homeowners, through the Catskill Watershed Corporation’s (CWC) Septic Rehabilitation Program, for the cost of repairs to and/or replacement of a failing septic system.

Our design services include;

  • Site visit to evaluate the site and determine the best location for the system
  • Prepare and submit an application to the permitting agency
  • Coordinate a site visit with the permitting agency to evaluate soil profiles, dig deep test holes and perform soil percolation tests.
  • Prepare a design based on the soil profiles and percolation test results.
  • Submit the plans to the permitting agency for approval, provide client with one set of plans upon agency approval.
  • For fill systems, make a site visit to perform a percolation test in the fill material.
  • Inspection site visit after the system has been installed (prior to backfill) to verify it was built according to the plans. Coordinate this site visit with the permitting agency.